Ward CNC WaterJet

Our Ward CNC Waterjet is nothing short of amazing. It’s a unique piece of cutting technology that is the most versatile machine we have. It can cut a wide variety of materials with ease. Pretty much whatever the shape, dimensions, or material, our Waterjet can handle the job. We also design and cut custom pergolas and patio covers!

The waterjet is the ideal machine for cutting stainless steel, rubber, aluminum, stone, granite, marble, tile, glass, etc. It can be used to cut small or large quantities of repetitive parts.

Who’s Using The Waterjet?

The short answer is, almost everyone. Here’s a very brief list of the wide variety of industries that leverage the Waterjet to make some of their products:

*General Purpose Machine Shops
*Automotive and Transportation
*EDM Shops
*Model Shops/Rapid Prototyping
*Laser Shops
*And More!

Designer Shower Panels